Multicode Notebook x Github integration

Multicode Notebook x Github integration


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Multicode's Github integration has now reached public BETA ๐ŸŽ‰!

As a Notebook owner you can now export your notebook and maintain it using your very own Github repository. While using Github you can enjoy things like: version control, branching, PR reviewing, issue tracking and "open source" notebooks using a public repository that can be contributed to even if they aren't a notebook owner/contributor.

You can decide whether you'd like your Github repositories to be private or public. Only if it's a public repository, will any user that has joined your notebook be able to view redirects to the Github repository. By pressing the Github icon on the top-right, like so:


The Github integration can be used by any Multicode user. You can host/backup your notebooks this way, while adhering to the maximum notebook amount for your subscription. To use a private Github repository you'll need to have a Multicode subscription. Do note however that only the Notebook owner/creator needs to have a subscription in order to link a private repository. Any notebook contributors or other maintainers for that notebook don't require a subscription.

This feature's documentation can be found here:

The documentation is conveniently hosted as a Multicode Notebook as well as integrated on Github ๐Ÿ˜‰: