Release of Test Groups

Release of Test Groups

The feature of writing Tests within Notebook assignments has been extended to Test Groups.

You can now create multiple groups of Tests, which can contain a set amount of points to achieve upon completing the requirements of the respective Test Group. Test Groups can also be made optional, contain a description or a set of hints specific to that group.

By using this feature you can create a minimal set of test cases that are required to pass in order to complete the assignment, and add additional tests for which bonus points can be earned.

You can test the following:

  • include types: code must contain all included types of statements (like for loops or variables), as well as that a minimum or maximum amount of these statements is used.
  • blocked types: code must not contain any blocked type, if any is used the test will fail
  • variables: test certain variables and expected values, the code must generate actual values that match with these
  • functions: test a function's expected output, given a specific set of arguments

Try it out by signing in with your GitHub account, creating a notebook, creating a new file and adding assignments with test groups.